Vitacolloids Colloidal Silver 50 ppm 300 ml View larger

Vitacolloids Colloidal Silver 50 ppm 300 ml

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Non-ionic nanosilver colloidal silver in a 300 ml pharmaceutical glass container.

  • Pharmaceutical glass bottle,
  • high silver content - 50 ppm,
  • The non-ionic form of silver is safe for humans,
  • Vitacolloids nano colloid is not sensitive to light, it does not change its color under its influence,
  • The patented shape of the nanoparticle - the flat shape increases the active surface many times over,
  • No chemical impurities.

The flake structure of this colloid, unavailable in other competing products, makes it currently the product with the highest possible active surface in each concentration.

Use: Apply a small amount of the product to the gauze. Rub the skin gently. Use at least 2 times a day (morning and evening).