Universal Animal Stak 21 sasz.

If you are serious about training and looking for a way to maximize your strength and muscle mass, it's time to try the new Animal Stak. This is a versatile supplement packaged in one-portion packs.

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Animal STAK ™ - This non-steroidal (free of prohormones!) Supplement designed to increase the production of own testosterone and improve its management in order to maximize the anabolic state of the body. Testosterone is a natural hormone produced in the male body. We are accustomed to think that he is responsible only for the processes associated with puberty, sperm production and all the intricate machinery of sexuality man. Today, however, it is known that testosterone can do much, much more !!! Accordingly higher its level guarantees more muscle mass, accelerate the mechanisms lipotropic - thereby reducing body fat levels - and help to better "modeling" figure, which definitely will result in obtaining the correct proportions of your body. Testosterone is a hormone satisfaction, happiness, self-confidence. Men economically active, actors, politicians, athletes produce more testosterone than other people because of their daily aktywność. should you depend on to move to a higher level of their abilities !!! 

Animal STAK includes well proportioned, mainly natural ingredients to achieve these objectives. By maximizing the anabolic (protein synthesis, anti-catabolic effect, stop the "escape" of nitrogen from the body), you can record real results - not forgetting the proper diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
1 - How Animal STAK helps you make better use of your own testosterone?
Ans .: For most bodybuilders problem is not lower its level, but in insufficient quantity of its "free" form. In other words, your body may have plenty of total testosterone, but not sufficient in all this is just the amount of biologically active and free its forms. In fact, only approx. 2% of the hormone is present in that form, and thus has the undeveloped. When you feel that these 2 small percentages give you a decent kick in training, you will want to be more of them. That's why we created Animal STAK. Even if your level of free form of testosterone is higher than average (lucky you) STAK - properly take care of him !!!
2 - What do bodybuilders and powerlifters can expect from this product?
Re.:? They wanted to know. So, to be sure, and precede the promotion of this product, we entered in the list of 79 weightlifters willing to STAK tested in conditions of heavy training for a period of only 3 weeks. At the end of the test results we recorded were significant. Animal STAK significantly increased its strength in the test sample consisting of a single execution of the exercise. 

Here are the averaged results:
- Squeezing 17 lb (7.7 kg)
- Deadlift 30 lb (13.6 kg)
- Squat 27 lb (12.2 kg) 

While the maximum recorded:
- Squeezing 50 lb (22.6 kg)
- Deadlift 110 lb (49.8 kg)
- Squat 140 lb (63.5 kg) 

Besides a clear increase in the level of force testers increased their weight by an average of 3-4 lb (1.3-1.8 kg.), And 1.5% reported decrease in body fat. This suggests that an increase in body mass, is associated with the increase only "pure" muscle. The volunteers also experienced positive feelings increase energy levels and improve recovery time.

3.- What are the differences between STAK Animal and Animal M * STAK? Ans .: Both products are designed to help improve the mechanisms of anabolic. However, each works in a very different way. STAK, is a natural "booster" testosterone works for your body to improve and raise the level of anabolic hormones, also suitably be exploited. It also affects HGH (human growth hormone) and blocks DHT (dehydrotestosterone), and by inhibitors, including cortisol secretion and - the main catabolic hormone. It contains a vasodilator, which effectively improve transportation and exchanging metabolites when your body needs it most. 

On the other hand, M * STAK mainly helps increase the synthesis and bioavailability of protein and other nutrients. 

STAK, is a powerful force - M * STAK, refined silhouette on the basis of pure muscle !!! You can use them together - perfectly complement !!!



  •  Day Training: 
    1 sachet 30-45 min before trening
  •  Non-training day: 
    1 sachetin the evening prior to bed