SCANBODY is a company based in Tychy that is dealing in importing and distributing dietary supplements.

We have been operating on the supplement market since 2009, thanks to which we have an established market position and extensive experience in the import and distribution of supplements from the world's best brands.

Over the past few years, we have introduced to our offer many well-known brands such as: Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal, MusclePharm, MuscleTech, Dymatize, Syntrax, MyProtein and many others.

The cradle of supplementation began about 40 years ago in the USA. Our team is a group of people who follow the latest news overseas with passion and commitment. The global determinant of the entire supplementation industry is the American bodybuilding website, where over a few dozen million people speak about supplements. There you can find rankings of the world's best supplement manufacturers. This website can be said to be a determinant for the entire supplementation industry - ours too, hence in our offer you can find proven products of the highest quality.

The SCANBODY offer is addressed to people who know that a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are very important in their lives. We are sports enthusiasts, so we perfectly understand your needs - why? Because we are in the same way... Together we will achieve common goals. You can always count on us in choosing the right supplements.