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Life Extension Tocotrienols 50 mg 60 sgels

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Antioxidant health benefits

Vitamin E is one of the most researched antioxidant nutrients. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consume vitamin E tocotrienols and tocopherols through food or supplementation every day:

        Help maintain cell membrane integrity and inhibit the effects of aging at the cellular level

   Scavenge free radicals & offer antioxidant protection

   Support healthy DNA

   Support healthy platelet aggregation

   Promote nervous system & retinal health

   Encourage healthy cognitive function

   Support healthy immune response

   Encourage healthy hair growth

Does vitamin E support artery and nerve health?

Yes, it does! Higher circulating levels of tocopherols have been associated with healthy arteries. Tocotrienols may also help maintain already-healthy blood lipid levels. Tocotrienols also display potent neuroprotective properties, with alpha-tocotrienol vitamin E showing the most promise.

Usage: Take one (1) softgel two times daily